Sleep apnea is a potentially serious disorder when breathing frequently stops and starts during sleep. Someone who suffers from sleep apnea has very shallow breathing during sleep. Their breathing pauses can last between 10 to 20 seconds and can occur all throughout the night. This causes them to spend less time in deep and restorative sleep. Due to a decreased about of airflow, the oxygen level drops in your blood which causes your brain to briefly disturb your sleep to get everything running again. This brain signal causes a middle-of-the-night wake up call with a choking sound or gasps which usually goes unremembered.

If left untreated, those with sleep apnea could potentially find themselves with higher blood pressure, heart disease, a stroke, and many other consequences. In order to treat sleep apnea, Center for TMJ Therapy in Alpharetta, GA provides dental devices and surgery for sleep apnea. Two common dental devices are the mandibular repositioning device and the tongue retaining device which are effective for more mild cases of sleep apnea.

Surgery for sleep apnea exists, but should only be performed if all other options have been exhausted.  Dr. Maggan at Center for TMJ Therapy in Alpharetta, Georgia specializes in sleep apnea and will fit you for a dental device if it is needed.  Contact us today or schedule your appointment online to learn more about sleep apnea and see how we can help.

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