Normal Functioning Jaw

Normal opening: The disc, which is shown in yellow, is in the proper position and it glides forward and back when the jaw is opened.

Popping Jaw

Popping or clicking jaw: The disc, which is shown in yellow, is forward of the jaw bone. When the jaw is opened, the disc clicks or pops, and then the jaw follows its normal opening. A pop or click can be heard when the jaw is closed.

Closed Lock

Closed lock: The disc is forward of its normal position and it prevents the jaw from fully opening. This is called a closed lock or anterior displacement without reduction.

Jaw Dislocation

Subluxation or dislocation. If the jaw opens too wide, it can get stuck in the wide open position, which is called an open lock. A patient can rarely get the jaw closed, which is why you should call us if this happens to you.