Do you oftentimes experience facial pain or discomfort while chewing? You could be one of the thirty percent of the adult population affected in some way by temporomandibular joint disorder, more commonly known as TMJ. TMJ is actually the second most common orofacial pain after toothaches and is a complex condition that can range from a simple annoyance to a severely debilitating problem. Luckily, patients can seek TMJ treatment at Center for TMJ Therapy in Alpharetta where we have a variety of specialists suited to help treat your TMJ symptoms.

How do you know if you could have TMJ disorder?

  • Crunching down on hard bits of food sometimes causes shooting pains
  • Clicking or popping occurs while extending your jaw
  • There is a change in fit between your upper and lower teeth
  • You feel your jaw lock and it becomes unable to open or close fully for a period of time

Oftentimes TMJ syndrome can be a temporary issue depending on its cause. Facial pain is frequently caused by grinding your teeth which can either be a chronic problem or one due to stress. Stress also causes clenching which could be a source of the jaw pain. In some cases TMJ is the result of trauma in which a disk is dislocated.

While home remedies such as compresses can help relieve some of the pain, if the issue persists it is necessary to consult your local dentist in order to diagnose and treat your symptoms.

Most TMJ treatments are non surgical and and could include:

  • Stabilization or splinting of the jaw
  • Anti-inflammatory medications and/or Muscle relaxants

At Center for TMJ Therapy we strive to make patients comfortable and treat TMJ pain. Call our office today at 770-521-1978 to schedule your appointment with Dr. Maggan.

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