Whitening your teeth is a simple dental procedure that can have a dramatic impact on your appearance. Teeth whitening is a fast and affordable way to look more polished, more attractive and even look younger and brighter! Removing surface stains and whitening teeth has been shown to take years off the face and overall appearance.

We’re fans of safe, in-office whitening procedures at Center for TMJ & Sleep Therapy, because professionally administered whitening is fast, effective and makes patients feel genuinely great about themselves! It’s our mission to make all of our patients happy with their teeth- so much that they can’t stop smiling!

When you’re looking into ways to whiten your teeth in Alpharetta, you’ll probably come across the terms, “whitening” and “bleaching.” So how can you tell what the difference is?

Dental Bleaching

The term “bleaching” is used to describe dental products that whiten teeth beyond their natural color. One of the most effective ways to do this is with ingredients like hydrogen peroxide.

Whitening” denotes more of a restoration of teeth to their natural color by removing surface stains. Technically, whiteners use cleaning agents- as opposed to hydrogen peroxide- to get out pesky stains that cause discoloration of the teeth.

For all intents and purposes, most products that bleach the teeth (with hydrogen peroxide) or similar agents are called “whitening” products as well. Whitening just sounds a little better- and it’s really the whiter shades that most dental patients are after.

How to Choose Whitening and/or Bleaching Treatments

Today’s oral hygiene market is saturated with whitening agents like hydrogen peroxide- often added to many of our standard cleaning products, like toothpaste and mouthwash. While a little whitening power in your everyday products is great for maintaining your shade and preventing further discoloration, it won’t provide the full restorative and transformation results that most patients look for.

Instead of spending on over the counter whitening treatments, like trays or strips, you can get dramatic results immediately with an in office treatment. We prefer to use Zoom! Whitening at Center for TMJ & Sleep Therapy, because it’s the most advanced whitening technology available today, and gives patients the whiter, brighter results they want- all in about an hour. Yes, just one hour!

Read more about how Zoom! Whitening treatment can give you dramatic whitening results that last for years. Contact us today, or set up your first appointment online here.

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