The temporomandibular joint, or TMJ, is the hinge between the upper and lower jaw. When this hinge isn’t working correctly, the jaw tends to lock up, causing a throbbing pain.The jaw muscles are made out of a complex system of ligaments, muscles, discs, and bones. Individuals who are suffering from TMJ tend to hear a clicking sound in their jaw. Some of the more common symptoms associated with TMJ include earaches and headaches, pain when you open your jaw especially when yawning or eating, jaws that feel like they are stuck in one position, and tenderness in the jaw muscles.

Relief from Pain With TMJ Therapy

If your jaw isn’t damaged, then there are certain noninvasive treatment options that you can employ to manage the pain. Abstaining from chewing gum and eating certain foods that require rigorous chewing can be your first line of defense when it comes to alleviating pain and tenderness. Stretching exercises and stress management, coupled with the application of cold or warm compresses on the jaw can help ease mild forms of TMJ.

For more invasive cases, a TMJ dentist may require you to wear a jaw splint or a mouthguard if tooth grinding is the cause of your jaw pain. Ultrasound treatments, as well as physical therapy, can also be coupled with other treatments as a form of comprehensive treatment. At Center for TMJ Therapy, Dr. Maggan and our team of professionals help get patients TMJ pain under control. We specialize in TMJ and Sleep Apnea for patients in the Atlanta & Alpharetta area.

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