Dentists usually see two types of patients: the on-the-dot, routine teeth cleaning regulars, or the patients who are in for a lot of work. Sometimes genetics account for poor dental and oral health, sometimes patients are just unlucky, but at Center for TMJ & Sleep Therapy in Alpharetta, we’re being honest when we say that getting your teeth cleaned by a professional, registered dental hygienist twice a year is critically important for maintaining great teeth and great oral health throughout your life.

Let’s start by talking about a really, really important part of dentistry that most people overlook, or worse, take for granted.

Teeth Cleanings Keep Your Gums Healthy
Gum disease, also called periodontal disease, is caused by bacteria infecting the gums by way of plaque. While brushing your teeth is important- floss is just as important because it removes the plaque from between the teeth and around the gum line.

For all of the plaque not removed by flossing (and from when patients don’t floss at all), the dental hygienist removes through careful cleaning and inspection during the dental teeth cleaning. If you’re looking for a dentist in Alpharetta where you can get a good cleaning, stay ahead of the game and get your teeth cleaned as soon as possible. At Center for TMJ & Sleep Therapy in Alpharetta, we know the risks that everyone faces, especially when it comes to gum health. Our expert hygienists have years of experience in providing thorough, fast and comfortable teeth cleanings for all ages.

Over 75% of Americans suffer from some stage of gum disease. Many dental patients suffer from gingivitis, which is the initial inflammation of the gums. The gums are tender and swollen as they attempt to fight off the bacterial infection caused by all of the plaque. If the plaque isn’t removed and the gums aren’t taken care of, the gum tissue will continue to deteriorate and lead to the onset of advanced gum disease. Trust us, you do not want to undergo treatment for gum disease. It’s difficult, costly and painful, and on top of that it’s almost 100% preventable.

Teeth Cleanings Keep Your Body Healthy
Not to hark on gums some more here, but science is just now uncovering a wealth of connections between the gums and the rest of the body. And it makes sense- gums are sensitive tissue that are a doorway between our bodies and the outside world. The human mouth is full of bacteria, and the modern diet is full of sugar- the perfect storm for gum disease and tooth decay, two of America’s most common medical problems.

Gum health is strongly linked with cardiovascular health, and is now understood to be linked to Alzheimer’s disease and obesity. If you could prevent heart disease, strokes, obesity and even lessen the degenerative diseases associated with aging just by making sure to get your teeth cleaned twice a year, would you? Put this way, most people would jump at a routine teeth cleaning, which is usually a very low or no copayment on health insurance, over the painful, expensive and potentially deadly alternatives.

Teeth Cleanings Keep You Beautiful Too!
Healthy teeth and a nice smile are at the top of a list of attributes we find attractive. It’s important to get regular cleanings so you can ensure you keep all of your natural teeth, but also keep them looking good. A dental cleaning scrapes away plaque and tartar that can cause the teeth to look lackluster, and gives them a sparkly, whiter appearance- a key aspect of a beautiful smile.

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